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To whom it may concern.


I wanted a small construction made to my unit at Mount   Gilead Retirement Village, being a small wall added to my front entrance. I have always found it is very difficult to get trades to do small jobs.


I spoke to Ben about it and straight away he said he could get it done, but he was about to go on holidays and would it be ok to hold off for when he came back. He did some measurements then and there.


On his return true to his word he and offside Paul came and did final measurements order materials and commenced work. It took just a week every step was explained and carried out with care and professionaly.  They even adjusted a light so it set in the middle of the work.  Even though the paint work was to be only on the walk in side Paul helped me paint the top of the feature  wall where I could  not reach.


All in all I would recommend Ben and his off sider Paul to any one.


Kind regards
Trish Samuels

My wife and I, like other people, more so now then ever have been focusing on making our house more of a home.


I had big plans nearly the moment I walked through the front door as had my wife about what this place could look like. As time and life has evolved we have slowly been chipping away at our goals. It wasn’t until we met Ben and his team at Reflections Asset Management did we start to see it really take shape.


Ben and all his team not only do amazing work but are some of the most honest people in the industry. Ben works with you right from the start and is engaged in making your dreams or plans come to fruition at the same time as being real and transparent about all the key things like time, road blocks and cost.


I would recommend Reflections Asset Management and Ben and the team any day to anyone and I have! He is and will continue to be the first person I call for all my property management and renovation needs.


– Matt H

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